Anonymous said:
Don't you like the other boys?? Liam,zayn,niall or Lou!

……I absolutely adore Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam.

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t-chazzy said:
just wanted to say that I hope everything is going well for you. I hope you don't get paper cuts and your car always starts. I hope you don't fall down stairs and you have everyday be a good hair day. I hope you don't drink expired milk and you have someone to make memories with. I hope your life is amazing :-)

Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest sweetest thing ever! You’ve honestly made me smile so so much, and my heart feels all warm and happy.<3 Thank you so much for this, it means the whole world to me!

I truly hope everything is going well for you, too. And that all those lovely things also happen to you<3 
Lots of love, kisses, and hugs to you sunshine. <3 xxxx

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Anonymous said:
Whats you're favorit thing about harry? Who do u ship him with?

My favorite thing about Harry is: everything. And I ship him with either Niall or Zayn. (♥‿♥✿) xx

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Anonymous said:
Is it true that Harry is removing his butterfly tattoo?! :o

Whaaaaaaat? :O I have no idea my love (◕︿◕✿)

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Anonymous said:
Hi Rachel, I know this isn't relevant to what you are asking right now but, I'm going to highschool for the first time on Monday, and I'm really terrified considering I came from a small school which was K-8. I also think you should do imagines and oneshots. <3

Good luck to you, my love! Take a deep breath and take everything easy! You’ll do great <3 xx

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Anonymous said:
Omg Rachel you are so lucky. You got all types of Harry's hairstyles. *crying*

I know, oH MY :’) x

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Anonymous said:
You went to a 1D concert?? Me too!!! When did you go? Cause i went to theirs lasy friday. September 12.

Yesterday, the 16th! :) x

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