what do you think about paige reifler? :(

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You realize your imagine's layout is basically a knock off of imaginaryharry's layout?

If you’re saying my layout is a copy of/similar to “imaginaryharry’s” layout, you’re completely wrong.
Let me give you a little history about my layouts: since MAY 2013, my layouts, one after another, have always been very similar: grey-ish colored, with the word “Imagine” + a heart + my URL all written in the middle.
I’ve been doing these kind of layouts for a very long time, so please get your facts and dates straight about both blogs before you stop by my ask to accuse me of something completely irrelevant.
Thank you.

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im so in love with your writing!

Thanks babe! I’m glad you are :) x

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Rachelllll gahhhh THAT LAST IMAGINE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Hehehehe xx

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