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Hiii, I'm Rachel and I like to write... Enjoy.

*Credits of gifs used in imagines go to the owners.*

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Thank you.

I would just like to thank every single one of you who wished me a happy birthday, I received over 100 messages as the day went, and I wish I could answer each and every one of them, and even if I didn’t, I honestly read everyone’s and each one made me smile from ear to ear, adding more and more joy to this day.
Thank you for sticking around, and thank you for being so kind to me. All I can think to give back to you is more imagines. Before bed, I’ll re-read your birthday wishes, so my day ends with a smile on my face.
Much love,
Rachel xxx

Harry birthday <3 xxxxx hope you have fun and a great day :) your amazing

Hehehe this is cute! Thank you (◠‿◠✿) x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I don't know you but based on what I know about you via tumblr you are an amazing person and i love you

This is so sweet! It makes me really happy to know you think of me that way, and thank you so so much ❤️ x

Yay we have birthday at the same day lol happy birthday to us!

Oooo really!? That’s pretty cool! Happy birthday to us :) x

haaaaaaaappy birthday bby, have a good one u deserve it ♥ i love you so much♥ ur imagines are the best, love from argentina ♥

Argentina!! Thank you so much baby, I love u too! ❤️ x

Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u happy birthday little darling happy birthday to ya! I wish you have a lovely and amazing day 💕😘👏

Thank you lovely ❤️ x

Happy Birthday to one of the best writers! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Aw thank you so much!! x