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Rach what's your twitter? :)

@blissmermaids (◠‿◠✿) x

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Anonymous said:
Your new ideas are brilliant! Miss you lots my dear-my brain is hungry for new material from ya!:)

Thanks, sweets! I’m excited to finally do something with those ideas, and I can’t wait to continue sharing with you :) Also, I miss you too, soooo much!

Hopefully I can give your hungry brain some new material soon! x

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I think you'd be wonderful writing oneshots as well as your regular imagines so yeah. I think one shots+imagines. BTW I LOVE YOU

Thank you! I LOVE YOU TOO ❤ ❤ ❤  

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I would suggest the imagines/usual! That is my favorite layout, but I would love to see anything else from you. You are my favorite imagine writer and you are such an amazing writer in general, I love all of your work! I'm sure I will love anything and everything you do! Keep on doing what you do. I'll always be a major fan of yours. Love ya<3

You’re just too sweet<3 I’m so so flattered to know I’m your favorite imagine writer, and it honestly gives me the most amazing feeling inside; all warm and fuzzy and happy! <3 I’m thrilled to know you enjoy my work!

And I wouldn’t say fan, my love! But a very dear and great friend! Love you too, very very much <3 xx

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Definitely imagines + one shots! Every imagine of yours is always beautifully written and I would hate to see them go so I vote for them and the one shots. It would be fun and refreshing to read those! Xx

Thank you! And I’m definitely considering doing imagines + one shots! xx

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What do you think about 1D's new song?


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Help me out with your opinion!

Hiii my loves!

I have a great great desire to come back, to continue to write for your pleasure and for my own, and to keep sharing more with you! But, before I get back to brainstorming and writing, I need your help. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to share my writings with you, and I have a few options:

  • imagines/the usual: (this is pretty self explanatory) I would continue to make photo sets with the ‘imagine’ layout + gifs that go with the imagine.
  • imagines/different style: I would continue to write imagines + gifs, and the only difference from the usual would be that rather than the ‘imagine’ being in a picture/layout, it would be just the text (like this). Though it would not be as long as a one shot.
  • imagines + one shots: I’d continue to post my usual imagines, and I would have a specific day (or days) in which I would post one shots.
  • only one shots (different, exciting, and new, I know!!!)

I would really appreciate if you could let me know your thoughts and comments! 

Your opinion, and what you want/like, is what’s most important to me. 

I do this for you. <3

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