is the purge real? cause omg I'm super scared and I live in Detroit)': it's past 12am and I'm shivering in my bed rn

According to what I’ve read! Hopefully it’s just a very disgusting prank.
But please stay safe! Everything will be okay. ❤️ x

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This is so so so scary… Please stay safe!!! You all mean so much to me, and I love you all to the moon and beyond. x

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Hiya loves, be nice and follow me on twitter? It’s @blissmermaids, I’m private but I’ll definitely accept your request to follow me. I’ll try to follow back as many of you as I can, and if I don’t, just send a tweet! Also, follow me on instagram: @winterspells! ❤️ x (shameless promo)

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You like the shiver trilogy?? I feel like it was cheesy, predictable and over the top. Am I the only one?

I agree, just a little. It is fantasy, so it’s definitely predictable and overly cheesy! But I think it’s written beautifully, which is something that has me hooked :) x

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Can you recommend me any good books? I love to read and am currently looking for a new book to get lost in.

Have you read the Shiver Trilogy!? If not, definitely check those out! :) xx

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I love you omg

I love you, too. OMG (♥‿❤️)

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i've been reading your imagines all night and i just omg i love them so much please keep doing more !

Asdghkfl thanks for spending your night on here! Means a lot! And I will definitely make some more soon. xx

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